Monday, May 19, 2014

My New Organic Fabric Arrived!

Gorgeous. I love the new fabric. And I love that it's all organic cotton.
Clockwise from bottom left:
1. More FANFARE by Cloud 9, but in a pink/orange color scheme. The only flannel in the group.
2. TEAR DROP GEM in sunshine, by Enchanted. A plain cotton weave.
3. BLUE YONDER CLOUDS in blue, by Cloud 9. Also a plain weave.
4. and 5. Mod Basics DOTTIE, in Pool and Grass. Same, plain cotton weave. I have to say, these were not my top choices of colors, but the one color I really wanted was sold out.

Project: Organic Pillow Cases

I'm in love with this organic cotton flannel. Fanfare. By Cloud 9. It's for the boy, who aggressively buries his face into his pillow at bedtime. Easy-peasy. The best kind of project.


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