Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project: vinyl banner shopping bags

My best friend bought some bags that I just LOVED, made from recycled vinyl banners. I remembered that my parents had some banners at home (don't ask why), so I was able to make these for me! Yippee! I love them. I ran out of vinyl for the handles so I used the material from an old roller shade. Unfortunately, the shade material was too old and brittle to last very long, and one of the handles broke after several months of use. Good to know... Fixing it is now on my to-do list.

Project: Recycled sweater sheepdog

Ok, it is supposed to be a dog, but everyone thinks it's a lamb... He's made from an old Banana Republic sweater, a little felt for the ears, some recycled cord from shopping bags, and bits of leftover yarn from my knitting.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Project: poplar pet gates

dining room/kitchen gate

BEFORE: hallway barricade
When puppy Jack first came home, a couple of wastebaskets in the doorway were enough to keep him in the kitchen. Very quickly though, two serious barricades of random stuff were necessary to keep Jack penned in. Yuck. I considered buying baby gates, but the options out there were so horrible (or they looked passable, but were too expensive to buy two), I decided to make my own. We had leftover poplar from our window sashes project and while searching online, I serendipitously found this. Perfect(!), although my gates would be much smaller in scale to fit the doorways. I also had constraints with the direction in which the gates could swing. I decided to forgo the caster (as much as I love casters) because my floors are fairly uneven. It was a bit hard to find hinges that would work for me (thanks finally to OSH!), and a latch that I could attach to the outside. Then I had to meet T's perfectionist-engineer requirements. But all in all, I'm very happy with the results. And having a clear hallway again, PRICELESS!
AFTER: hallway/kitchen gate

interfering with the work
yum, let me chew on this!


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