Tuesday, January 26, 2010

wall decor

I'm adding this to my reference portfolio of cool wall ideas. From AT. I only like the paint job, not the whole burlap/plaster business. The raindrops would be so cute in a kid's room.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cycle Chic

Found this new (to me) blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic. It's full of cool pictures of commuters on bikes in Copenhagen. In the snow. In the cold. Whatever. Makes me want to use my bike a little bit more but alas, I'm just not that coordinated. BUT if SF provided this:

I would DEFINITELY bike more. 
Why are clever things like this only found in Europe?

More from PB

Do we like this, the Calhoun pendant? I'm trying to imagine it in my kitchen, over the breakfast table... Hmm, it's not too expensive...
I like the general look of this flatware too. I guess it's time to stop into a store and feel their weight in my hands.

Accordion light

I'm not usually a fan of Pottery Barn, but they have a couple cool things in their new catalog. For my ever-so-slow bathroom remodel, I've been looking for new lighting. This accordion sconce would look neat over a mirror. But I'll keep looking until I find something a bit more affordable!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hawaiian quilt progress

Hard to believe, but the huge applique is almost finished. After 3 months of intermittently stabbing at it. Just a few more "grapes" need to be sewn and I'll be ready to start quilting. Now the question is: to hand or machine quilt? I was always planning to use my vintage-industrial-3000-stitches-per-minute Singer, but suddenly, I want the softness of hand quilting... Will I EVER finish this then?

More inspiration from the Gladstone

Entry lobby chairs (forgot to check artist's name)

Wool felt mobile by Mylene Boisvert

The grand prize for the fibre contest: a suitcaseful of fabric money.
At first glance, we thought it was real!

Wool socks

Found this great fingering-weight washable wool at an estate sale for $0.50 a skein!! I snatched up all they had to make socks and decided to make it up as I went along, no pattern, no nothing. Everything was going well until I ran out of blue wool! Oops...

 Was forced to improvise, but I think they came out alright...

Grant Heapes at the Gladstone Hotel Cafe

I fell in love with the Gladstone Hotel during our recent trip to Toronto. This amazing wall hanging by artist Grant Heapes was hanging in their cafe, and I was awed. It's made of small square pieces of fabric that are stitched together through the middle. This was beyond fantastic. Really wish I'd thought of it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Just discovered this Korean company. I'm going to have to start a business just so that I have an excuse to buy their stuff. These are their "Face pockets". I also love, LOVE, their tiny gift cards.


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