Monday, January 7, 2013

If I ever go back to Japan

I'm going shopping in the textile district. I bet there are lots of interesting things to be found.... And I'll be sure to print out these directions from Vanessa at Design Dreams Japan.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Mom Lessons Learned

1. Arrive at daycare when they're serving breakfast. Not earlier, and definitely not later.

2.  Reading Nico Dr. Seuss's alphabet book before bedtime: He tires out half-way through. Need to start reading from the middle of the book, or backwards, or he'll think the alphabet stops at "L".

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I want... THIS play kitchen. Drool...

I doubt my kids would even notice the difference. But OMG... I love this! But sooo expensive! Those are all Plan Toy pieces!

Amazing things

Sometimes it feels like life is a blur of cleaning, feeding, laundry, food shopping, etc, etc. I want to make a point of pausing and admiring. For example: I love how Tim taught Jack to go down the stairs quietly. He used to romp up and down and wake the babies. Now, you hush him, and he practically tiptoes down. It's super funny. And super amazing. What a good dog.

Project: Fuzzy pompom hat for Izzy

First completed knitting project since the birth of the twins. Major feat, possible only because of the super bulky yarn knitting up in a few hours. That, and the fact that Izzy lost her warm hat during one of our walks and it was getting cooold. It's still a bit big on her, so hopefully she'll be able to wear it next winter too.

Happy New Year 2013: Fun in the snow

Takes forever to get snow ready, but it's nice that we can just step outside and play.


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